This repurposed Patron Tequila bottle has been given a second life! A perfect crocheted sweater has been meticulously created to fit this bottle absolutely perfectly- Zoe crocheted it directly on the bottle! Using vibrant acrylic yarn, use this beautiful piece as a vase, a table decoration, a gift, or a bottle for your next potion, oil infusion or alcoholic beverage. Includes a matching cork top, crocheted just the same! 

*This piece has a baby version also, we suggest you buy them as a set <3*
10 inches tall, 5.5 inches in width, rather than circumfrence as it is a square bottle, not round.


Crotcheted by Zoe Rhyne. Available for purchase. $20.  

Materials: Acrylic Yarn on Recycled Bottle. 
Color: Blue and Royal Purple.

Crocheted Bottle - Large

  • What is Fiber Art?

    Fiber art is fine art whose material consists of fabric or yarn (natural or synthetic). Focusing on material and artists' labor as part of the works signifigance, fiber art prioritizes aesthetic value over utility. Right on!

    Care: Colors are permanent and will not run or fade, and can be dampened or washed gently to remove dust. Don't break the glass, but its pretty hardy!

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