"Cactus Honey Darling I" is a a tiny painting on a tiny canvas board! A spiraling agave theme, this bb is the cutest lil' painting- perfect for the next gift you want to send along to a friend who always says they are all out of room on their walls-  Everyone has room for an inch and a half! Hell, put it in your car, even! Love this? Look for its companion piece in the shop:))


*This piece has a lil companion we suggest you check out, they would look so nice next to eachother!*

1.5 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide

Original Painting by Grace Rhyne. $20

Materials: Acrylic on Canvas Board, Ink.

Color: Red, purple, beige on fleshy pink background.

Cactus Honey Darling I

  • Acrylic on Canvas Board original artwork handpainted by Grace Rhyne. Sealed in a gel medium varnish, this peice is ready to hang, protected from the elements, and ready for its forever home <3

    Square, 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches board. Very leightweight. 

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