'Beldazarinthaleo of Spoo' is a hand made, needle felted creature from beyond the stars!! Made from merino wool and sculpted by Zoe Rhyne, this lil' guy is sure to delight as a 3D object for your tiny things collection. 


Free standing sculpture piece. 

Handmade, original art work by Zoe Rhyne. Available for purchase. $35.
1 inch tall, 2 3/4 inches long, 1(ish) inch in diameter.  *Weighs less than one pound, probably closer to like less than an ounce.

Materials: Carted Merino Wool. 
Color: Red, with yellow and pink and blue accents.

'Beldazarinthaleo of Spoo' Felted Creature

  • What is needle felting?

    Needle felting is the process of felting/tangling one piece of wool to another using barbed needles. The needles take the wool fibers from one piece and drag them through the other piece where they tangle and attach the two pieces. Do this for like a thousand times, and a creature starts to come out! These are orginal creatures from inside Zoe's mad talented brain. Oh goodie! 


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