Meet the Muses

About Zoe and Grace Rhyne

​We believe that art should be accessible and affordable to all.


What kind of tree hugging, animal loving, recycling fiends would we be if we didn't give proper credit to the cuddly creatures that make us smile each and every day? These are our beloved pets.

Meet Kevin Pontiac Bacon. (AKA The Notorious P.I.G.) He is a rescued Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig. When we found him he was a 'free' Craigslist item, living in a one room apartment with 3 big dogs and eating nothing but dog food and candy. Just a tiny little 25 pound baby when we rescued him, is now a 130+ lb. goofball. He loves to cuddle under blankets, get raisens for treats and wallow in his kiddy pool to stay cool.

Meet Karma Bean, the big red dog! Karma was given to Zoe unexpectedly, one day at work. Zoe must have a magnetic force that propels animals in need into her caring arms. Since 3 week old Karma arrived in Zoe's life, she has not left her side. Karma is a pure bred mutt, and a Parvo survivor! She enjoys knawing on rawhide bones, chasing lizards and snoring loudly under covers.

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